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F: Frame Egli Fairing Mount

Gene Nehring

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My good friend has an egli race bike that was imported from the UK. He is going through the importation compliance check and has found the fairing mount keeps braking. I am helping him out and we were wondering if someone has a set of plans or drawing for a fairing mount.

I am posting a picture of the machine and the mount. Thanks in advance for any help.

Best. IMG_1081.JPGIMG_1082.JPGIMG_1083.JPG


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My experience was only with a race fairing so every thing was on a nose strut from the head stock where we had a rectangular plate with a forward tube to a tee bracket.
The only other supports were side stays from the cylinder head bracket the stays were alloy tubes meeting short tubes in the fairing sides and a very light screen strut from the steering head top hole across to the screen tips (you can see it in the pic) all with R clips. but as a racing fairing there was no weight like a headlamp etc.
We certainly had it on and off in a few seconds frequently and it never gave any problems
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Pushrod Twin

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Gene, that all looks pretty light. There is a whole lot of weight suspended a long way forward there. Where does it attach to the frame, are we seeing the steering lock stop in there as well?
My replica Egli has just enough room around the top of the steering head tube to take an M8 U bolt which could be used for a top support, is this an option?

Maybe lose the fairing, fit headlight brackets on the stanchions in conventional manner for compliance, then come back to the fairing mount.


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The fairing mount was mounted to the headstock. Picture attached.
As Vibrac has said, ideally you should use round tube and to avoid excessive cantilever stress you should build in some triangulation by inserting a tube from near your lower mounting point to as far forward as possible on your horizontal extension.

Pushrod Twin

Well Known and Active Website User
VOC Member
That's a great fixing Fritz? made on the head tube. There appears to be room to lay a strip of 25, or 30 x 3 MS flat, on edge, on top of the piece of broken box section. Use a series of short welds, that will add some section to carry the vertical loads. What size is that box, it looks quite small, 16, 19mm x 1.6 WT?


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Hi Everybody. My CTG Egli race bike fairing has similar mounting points to Vibracs. Except when I first mounted it I did not want to take the front end off to weld mounting points to the steering head. So I made a large split aluminium collar with a milled flat which clamped around the to of the steering head. This has stood the test of time and stresses of 150 mph timed runs at the Woodbridge "Classic Bike" Speed Trials.
However it is not carrying the extra weight of a headlight so this must be taken into account, I've tried to attach some photos but am not sure how to do it.
Take Care.


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