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ET: Engine (Twin) Carburettor Repaint


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VOC Member
I am renovating the two Amal carbs on my Black Shadow. The paint finish has peeled and I would be grateful for advice on restoring them to their original condition in terms of colour, lacquered appearance and petrol resistance. I have contacted Burlen (the current makers of Amal and other carbs) but they cannot help, saying they stove enamel their new ones.


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Electroless nickel.
In my neck of the woods electroless nickel comes in two different colours from different platers, a blue tinge, which would not look right and a yellowish tinge which might be fairly close to the original. It would be wise to look at an example before proceeding.


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The surface finish on TT and GP Amal reminds me of the Alodine finish used on Weber carburetors,
Lamborghini and Porsche.
Has Alodine been an option finish on these Amals?

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