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1951 Vincent Rapide - Part 78 - Timed Breather

brian gains

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thanks for doing all the 'leg work', as Mike touched on all is OK with the terminal vent to atmosphere if you have an alternative main stand.
I've found using this routing and terminating anywhere in that general area results in an oily rear stand for those of us that use them.
My present setup vents about 2" beyond top left hand corner of the licence plate, which gives acceptable result but looks ugly and no doubt in due course will be rubbed against by the unwary.
The best / tidiest method IMO, is that shown in Richardson's (?) with metal vent tubes running along the pillion footplate / lower LHS frame member of FT6/2AS ? and directed down and away.
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My timed breather hose is as shown. It is trimmed to flip past the center stand spring anchor when the stand is raised. I am thinking of shortening it, though, and adding a catch bottle under the RFM pivot. It spews out a lot of emulsion when I start the bike and I am tired of scrubbing the spot on the concrete.



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I put 'breather' in the search box top right and got to 70 pages full of advice and comments some from long departed experts with years of knowledge, I have no doubt there are 70 more I suggest you get a nice beverage and a comfy chair

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