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12volt electrics


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Hi Stu, I do not have a good explanation for that. Maybe it was a lower wattage headlight bulb, ?LED. Was that 30 mph in top gear on a twin? As an aside when I had mine I fitted a small fan, similar to that which is in an electric hand drill, to the armature to try to keep it cool. It worked for several years but whether the fan did any good I do not know. My worry with all these small devices is that nothing is 100% efficient and the electrical losses will appear as heat somewhere. It is going to be interesting to see if the experiments with brushless servo motors used as generators is successful.


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I believe I know who you were talking to about the E3L/Goblin/30mph years ago at a Severn Rally. Believe me, he is very likely to go off on flights of fantasy at times...
Peter B

tom wilson

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I have a 'Bell' 12 volt conversion E3L dynamo, which I had on my Rapide for many years. I believe it has a different field coil and armature with more segments on the commutator. It worked very well. I only changed it for an Alton when I had an electric starter fitted although it probably wasn't necessary. It is for sale should anyone want it. Hugo.
Hi Hugo is the dynamo still for sale? cheers Tom


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Hello, Like TT my Miller with a Ken Bell regulator eventually need a handful of revs to kick in.
This was a 6V unit with an unmodified field coil and armature. The replacement 12V DVR2 regulator works fine, all lights are LED and magneto ignition, head light always on. I should say I replaced this dynamo on converting to the DVR2.
On testing the dynamo that I removed on the lathe, geared up via Vee belts it displayed
the same characteristics ie it needed lots of revs to kick in. After a strip and clean including the commutator it now self excites at lower revs and balances a 40W load at lower RPM than the Chinamo on the same test.
The Chinamo on the outfit, all LED but coil ignition, tried with an AO regulator would not balance the load below 55 MPH. The replacement Chinese copy of the Lucas regulator appears to balance the load much earlier.
The regulator on the outfit was a JG in use for many years, only replaced as it was positive earth. This makes conversion to LED difficult. John.


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I started a new post in the hope of some minor help I need a photo of the correct end plate and part number for the Lucas E3L I have the casing and am putting the other parts together for a 12v conversion.