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E: Engine Torque spec for Comet dynamo pinion retaining nut?


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we have been down this modern need for tourqe values for Vincent fastenings before -
Back at the factory the factory fitters knew by hand "tight was tight and too tight was busted"
Having said that it is important that that particular bolt is tight, and perhaps even more important it is secured (as the Comet owner at the IOM VOC meeting last year found out!) it may be that Altons impart more impetus to the bolt to come loose
I use locktight and wire up the securing bolt.


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I seem to recall Phil Irving, in a mischievous mood, as once being quoted as saying that to achieve correct tension "Tighten till it strips, then back off half a turn!"


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Actually the Dynamo/Generator E228 is on a taper and in operation there is almost no rotational resistance, so it does not need to be very tight at all. If you were concerned you could use some blue medium strength loctite the but ONLY on the threads - NEVER on the taper!

The Alton alternator is a totally different proposition - its on a plain shaft with a key, all retained by a socket head screw - again, no need to be super tight but it MUST be secure. With this arrangement it is ESSENTIAL to use medium strength (blue) loctite on the screw threads - without it you can expect the screw to work loose with possible expensive consequences.

Have attached the latest version of MO13 in my possession (vA.4). There may be subsequent versions - if you know of some - why not post here?

biggest difference (to A.2) is the shims associated with E50/4

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Dynamo drive lock washer should be PD23/1 NOT 508 and E50/4 pinion shim ET173/1 should be deleted.(too large a hole)
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