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G: Gearbox So I pulled to cover off my Comet transmission;


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And found some shrapnel that looked like it once was a cut off end of a rubber gas or oil line complete with the steel ferrule. So I figured some previous owner had accidentally dropped it in there. Reviewing "Know thy Beast" on Burman transmissions, I see that is the remains of something that was actually supposed to be there to cushion the return of the kick start gear. So now I am worried. Stevens suggests some fixes after the steel pin that was surrounded by the rubber and steel collar has loosened. Mine is still OK, so I would like to replace the rubber steel sleeve gizmo, and was wondering if there were any updated solutions. I was thinking of machining something out of softer metal eg ali or bronze to slip over the steel pin, or perhaps some kind of plastic, like nylon. Has anyone done this yet?
All suggestions appreciated.


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On my comet i cut a small section from a 3/8 fuel pipe and slipped that over the pin , being fuel resistant it should be okay as a bump stop for the kickstart. Quadrant .


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another pic of steel wrapped rubber drum .

Without the steel encase, the rubber piece will be gone, off inside the case, in a couple of months.
You will be knocking the stop pin loose and needing repairs to the loose stop pin, and leak.

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