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HB: Handlebars electro tach


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You need one with the correct color spot we have a white spot on our comet racer I think it is brown for a twin It should be supplied with a charging plug and lead with a blue ( resistor?) in the lead and a keeper plug which I keep wired to the bars
make sure you also get the thin alloy mounting which should come with it I have got through 3 set of mounting rubbers over the years they crack and disintergrate -does no-one make decent rubber components anymore...?


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It is a widely used and very reliable tachometer. Assuming it is battery powered there is only one wire coming out of the body, which is an antenna wire that is wire tied onto the front plug lead. It only needs to know about the spark. The back of the tach is a particular color that is shown in the chart below. For example, I would use a white tach for electronic ignition or a yellow one for magneto ignition on a Comet.


Tim's advice is good. I made new rubbers every year with an exacto knife and some sheet rubber I had. They may last quite a while longer, I just did it as a seasonal thing.



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I have a battery power Scitsu on my Rudge and wonder if these small Norton Commando oil tank rubber mounts, with appropriate nuts and washers, could be used as an alternative rubber mount. It might need a new, or modified alloy mounting bracket, but the rubber might be a little too rigid. What do you think?