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E: Engine Comet Electrical questions


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Put a new battery in the new Comet. Today I realized that the Battery was discharging.

No obvious dead short so I started to follow the wires. I found some things I do not recognize. would someone be able to tell me what I have?

The dynamo has a 6 Volt Miller cap, but I am uncertain if it is a Miller. Is there a reason I can not use an original Miller regulator?

Also looked at the Magneto. It appears to be a Lucas K1F But has a brass tag with the name RIP Tragle and a number inscribed.

All I really wanted to do was find the short and go for a ride. Now I do not know if I have just made more work.





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Jerry, that is not a Miller regulator and you do not want one of those anyway. They are an obsolete nightmare. There are several alternatives which will fit inside the original Miller regulator box, or a copy of it, which are much better. However, that might not be the worst of your problems. If I have understood the photographs correctly it seems you might have a six volt positive earth system. Do you really want to stay with six volts when twelve volt bulbs etc are widely available and, at least over here, six volt items are no longer available at 'every street corner'. Similarly in general bikes have a negative earth now so any 'gadgets you might want to buy and fit will work more easily with a negative earth system.
First question is do you have an ammeter on the bike and does it show a charge when the engine is running? If so will it balance the headlamp bulb when that is switched on? If not then the system is probably not charging. You will have to seek advice from your fellow USA based members but over here in the UK there are several people who could check out the dynamo and, if required, rewire it and fit it with a modern solid state regulator. Its a nice looking bike and what is required is not too expensive so ask around over there and find out who can be trusted to do the job at the right price and with the right quality.


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Rip died several years back. I would recommend replacing the regulator. It looks really old and sad.
I am not certain, but was told today that Rip Tragle is still alive. He no longer works on Vincents, but lives in New York state. I am told he has a Facebook page. ( I do not )

I would appreciate hearing from anyone willing to provide some info about the work he did.

A PM might be the best way.




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Rip was on the forum for a few years, so typing his name into the search function will bring up quite a bit from him. Quite talented,sometimes controversial, but part of the Vincent ethos for sure.