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  1. Ducdude
    God Help me I love this bike!
  2. deejay499
    deejay499 Will Barber
    Hi Will. The Morgan is alive and well and owned by Annie and Jane Bennett. The are part of the N.Kent section and spend quite a bit of their time in France. I didn't answer earlier and put it in a PM in case they don't want it advertised. Regards, Dave
  3. Alan J
    Alan J erik
    Hi Erik, we are in Passau- it is very warm! Alan& Judy Jennings.
  4. martinamotor
    martinamotor Vins
    Hello Vincent, are you already a member of the Dutch Section. They can help you with all kind of infornation. , greetings Tiny Volkers S O
  5. Lambers
    Lambers Phil Arundel
    Phil, I've only just seen this post. Do you still have the HRD tank as
    I have a pretty good Vincent tank and want a HRD tank
    Jon Lambley , Derbyshire
  6. Phil Arundel
    Phil Arundel
    Hi Ian, sorry for the long dealy in getting back to you. I lost the plot on the forum thread. I have sorted out the tank situation.
  7. peter le gros
  8. passenger0_0
    Just enjoying the ride. .......
    STEPXL Prince Duster
    Our 1939 Comet that Greg Brillus is restoring .See Extract from email from Bob Stafford in 2012

    Hello Stephen, regarding C984 and D1758, you will need to take this bike on trust up to a point. In the few months leading up to the outbreak of the 1939 war production of bikes tapered off considerably,
  10. Little Honda
    Little Honda david bowen
    Hello, David,
    received yr book. thank you very much for your extraordinary generosity! This is the same conviction, I received from Paul Richardson and George Brown, when I started the rebuild of my first Rapide in 1977 as
    a greenhorn. This is the reason, why I am a club member, allthough times have changed a lot.
    Had to shorten my text. So,
    all the best, email follows
  11. MartynG
    MartynG nkt267
    Dont understand. Please explain.

    "Trust a Hobbit:D to provide this service..John "

    ta Martyn
    1. nkt267
      Freodo..sic Mr Frodo
      Mar 13, 2017
  12. Little Honda
    Little Honda david bowen
    here´s my adress: Michael Kamper, Schloss Str.2, 41515 Grevenbroich, Germany
    cheers, Little Honda
  13. Phil Arundel
    Phil Arundel
    Hi all,
    1. Phil Arundel
      Phil Arundel
      I am recently new to the VOC having bought a Vincent Rapids in boxes. The last time I worked on a Vincent was in the 1970's - it was on my brothers Comet which he eventually sold in the late 70's for £105!
      Anyway, with the box of parts I have there is an immaculate HRD petrol tank, but I need a Vincent petrol tank. So, rather than having it resprayed, does anyone have a Vincent tank to exchange?
      Mar 3, 2017
    2. Ian Tay
      Ian Tay
      Hello Phil
      Also new to VOC but I do have a new Vincent petrol tank so may be able to help out here.
      I am Shrewsbury so you are welcome to come over and have a look.
      Mar 14, 2017
      Phil Arundel said thank you for this.
  14. GuyonyConnexion
    GuyonyConnexion RogerB
    Hi, I am interested by a Norvin photo that you poster (NickBarton), could you contact me on
    Thanks, Philippe
  15. GuyonyConnexion
    GuyonyConnexion Bikerjoan
    Hi Joan,

    I am interested by one or two picture that you posted. Could you contact me on Thanks, philippe
  16. GuyonyConnexion
    GuyonyConnexion Puddle jumper
    Hi, I am interested by the "Pro-Street" with Vincent engine, can you contact me to Philippe
  17. Michel
    Michel Nulli Secundus
    Thank you Nulli for your last post on the forum.
    Could you send me the page 26 on my mail address:
    Thanks a lot.
  18. petermb998
    petermb998 timetraveller
    Hopefully you will get this note. I would be grateful if you would add me to your list for the modified parts for the front forks that you are doing please. with the bearings please.
    Many thanks Peter Bromberg. E Mail
  19. GuyonyConnexion
    GuyonyConnexion vincom500
  20. Steve G
    Steve G luvolbikes
    Might be interested in the Rapide when you get ready to sell. I haven't figured out how to PM on this forum but let's keep in touch. —Steve